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3D Murals by Bharat Rawal
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3D Murals by Bharat Rawal
3D Siporex Murals is a unique Art type is a Stone Carving technique done on light weight Cement blocks specially manufactured by Siporex. These light weight cement blocks are used in the construction industry for building light weight structures. As the material is light, porous and easy to carve , simple household tools as knife cutters and wood carving tools are used for carving the blocks.
Murals designed in Siporex can be used for interiors and exteriors. Murals are done on a plywood base and painted in acryclics, oils and lacquered.
Training includes  complete material and techniques include design, carving techniques, painting and finishing.
Fees for the Murals are inclusive of material ranging from Rs. 3000 to 8000 depending on size and design.

For details regarding pricing please mail us your interest through the registration form we will quote you the exact price for the projects selected * Model No for e.g 3000, 6000 indicates the price

Minimum 10 Students are taught in one Session. Pre Registration with advance payment of Fess is compulsary. You can register online also through our website,and payments have to deposited in our Bank A/c or at the Venue of the Workshop. Refer Register page for payment details

3D Siporex Murals